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CBD Boost 1500g

Experience the unique power of CBD

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CBD Boost 1500g
60 Vegetarian Capsules

engage global cbd boost facts

engage global protein daily icon Natural Ingredients
engage global protein daily icon Optimizes Anti-Inflammation Response in Endocannabinoid System
engage global protein daily icon
Promotes Anxiety and Stress Relief
engage global protein daily icon
Supports Pain Relief
engage global protein daily icon
Enhances Optimal Sleep

Why you can trust Engage Global's CBD products

Reason 1: Uncompromising Quality Commitment.
Engage Global’s CBD products meet the following industry leading standards:

cbd boost check box icon Tracked and Traced from Seed to Sale
cbd boost check box icon CO2 processed for highest quality CBD
cbd boost check box icon Filter Reactor processed for high grade purity
cbd boost check box icon Processed in our exclusive GMP manufacturing facility
cbd boost check box icon Processed with Pharmaceutical Grade equipment

cbd boost check box icon
THC Free
cbd boost check box icon 3rd Party Tested
cbd boost check box icon USA Grown - Oregon
cbd boost check box icon Organic Compliant
cbd boost check box icon Non-GMO

Reason 2: Dr. Kedar Prasad.
An internationally acclaimed expert who the US Military, NASA and the Nobel Prize Committee trusted because of his research and reputation. He has dedicated 40+ years to scientific research finding answers that promote relief from the inflammation and free radicals attacking our bodies and damaging our health. As the Chief Scientific Officer of Engage Global, Dr. Prasad endorses the purity, efficacy and safety of all of Engage Global’s CBD products.

What is CBD?
CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in Hemp and Marijuana plants with a rich history of therapeutic effects going back thousands of years.

What benefits does CBD promote?
* Neurological Inflammation, * ReliefAnxiety and Stress Relief,  *Pain Relief,
*Enhanced Sleep.

How does CBD work?
Humans have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) designed to fight neurological inflammation and protect our body. The purpose of the ECS is to maintain a healthy biological balance within our body’s major systems. However, our ECS does not always function at optimal levels, especially as we age. This can lead to difficulty regulating a healthy mood, poor sleep, increased inflammation and pain and an overall reduction in immune health. This is where CBD steps in, providing our bodies the support we need by helping our ECS to function more effectively.

How is CBD from hemp plants different than CBD from marijuana plants?
Hemp and Marijuana are cousin plants, but they are not the same.

CBD from Marijuana plants contains a compound called THC. THC causes the psychotropic effect or "high feeling" when consumed. CBD containing THC is not legal nationwide. CBD from Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and does not cause the psychotropic effect. CBD from Hemp plants is legal nationwide.

When did CBD from Hemp plants become legal?
In December 2018, the United States Congress passed a farm bill that legalized the production and sale of CBD from Hemp. CBD containing THC from Marijuana has not been legalized by the federal government.

Is all CBD from Hemp the same?
The short answer is no. Hemp oil from Hemp seeds contains no CBD. Products marketed as Hemp Oil typically do not contain CBD unless CBD is specified as an ingredient.

How can you determine whether CBD products are high quality and safe?
Processing CBD from Hemp plants is an expensive and complicated process. Here are a few key things you should look for when you buy CBD:

Tracked and Traced from Seed to Sale. Are the raw ingredients in the CBD tracked and traced every step of the way from the farm to the product you are buying? If not, you are taking a risk that your CBD is not clean, pure, effective and high quality.

US Grown. Unless CBD is tracked and traced, it is difficult to trust it is 100% US Grown. Some manufacturers who claim their CBD is US Grown will mix in CBD from foreign countries such as China to lower their costs.

Mislabeled CBD - Unless CBD is tracked and traced, it may be tainted with toxic solvent residues, pesticides, corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors and/or other contaminants.

Is all CBD created equal?

Not all CBD is created equal. To produce high quality CBD, not only is tracking and tracing the raw ingredients from seed to sale critical, but the process used to produce CBD is very important! There are two primary methods for processing CBD from hemp plants:

Ethanol Extraction - This process requires hemp plant material to be soaked in the chemical ethanol, an alcohol, for a period of time. Using this process, it is nearly impossible to remove all of the ethanol from finished CBD products. This can reduce the potency and purity of ethanol processed CBD.

Many manufacturers use the ethanol process because it is less expensive. The compromise for consumers is that consuming ethanol processed CBD creates the risk of chemical impurities which decreases the potency and purity of the CBD products.

CO2 Extraction - This more expensive and higher quality process uses CO2 not chemicals to extract and purify CBD from the hemp plant. A primary advantage of the CO2 process is it allows more control of the fine tuning process for extracting pure CBD Isolate from the hemp plant. The result is that a more pure and potent CBD product can be created.

The CO2 process uses a lot of electricity and is therefore a more expensive process. This is a big reason why so many processors use the lower quality, lower cost ethanol process.

Is there such a thing as a Pharmaceutical quality CBD?

The simple answer is yes, but the reality is very few companies use high quality Pharmaceutical grade equipment to process CBD because it is more expensive to produce.

One key question that can be asked to determine whether or not CBD is Pharmaceutical grade is to ask if it is Filter Reactor Processed. Filter Reactors are cutting edge technology and are very expensive. Filter Reactors are currently one of the most effective ways to achieve the most potent and pure CBD.

What is the difference between CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD and Full Spectrum CBD?

CBD Isolate - 99.9% or higher pure CBD. Broad Spectrum - contains CBD, terpenes, additional cannabinoids, but no THC.

Full Spectrum - contains CBD, terpenes, additional cannabinoids plus THC.

What form of CBD is most effective?

After researching hundreds of studies and papers published on CBD, Dr. Prasad has determined that CBD Isolate is more effective than Broad or Full Spectrum CBD products.

Dr. Prasad has three primary reasons why he believes CBD Isolate is the best.

1. Effectiveness - CBD Isolate is scientifically proven to interact positively with the Endocannabinoid System, as well as other neurological receptors in our body that regulate pain, mood and inflammation. No other hemp compounds, cannabinoids or terpenes have this scientific zvalidation.

2. Safety - CBD Isolate has been shown to be safe at very high dosage levels in FDA regulated studies. The FDA approved the CBD epilepsy drug Epidiolex which has a safe maximum recommended daily dosage level of 2,000 mg or more per day depending on a person’s body weight. Broad and Full Spectrum do not have this safety history.

3. Purity - By mixing in other cannabinoids, terpenes, oils, etc, the risk for impurities and dilution to CBD is increased.

What is the "Entourage Effect?"

The "Entourage Effect" is the theory that there is a synergistic effect created by combining CBD with terpenes and cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and others.

Dr. Prasad is not aware of a single credible study validating the "Entourage Effect." Until a study has been conducted validating this effect, Dr. Prasad’s conclusion is the Entourage Effect is more marketing than science.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
 Persons with pre-existing medical conditions should consult a health care professional.

 Products What is MMF? Ingredients Testimonies Clinicals/Patents  Opportunity Order Options
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