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MMF is now (MicoDaily) Military Micronutrient Formulation Testimonies

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"I have been taking Micro Daily for almost two years. The most profound thing I can honestly say about Micro Daily is that it works and it has changed my life! I was feeling old and run down far too soon for being 60 years old. Since Micro Daily came into my life I feel as though I'm starting out in life again!"

​"I have struggled with numerous health issues for years. Once I started taking Micro Daily, my health issues improved dramatically and I am sleeping better than I have in many years. My overall sense of well-being and health have been elevated to a place I never thought I would feel again. I've tried so many supplements that just didn't work and finally found something that actually works! Micro Daily is my daily answer to the stresses and toxins that are constantly attacking my body. Thank you Engage Global." Zelda M.

​With Micro Daily Plus CBD I am able to enjoy my grandchildren for the first time. My body no longer aches after a day of chasing the little ones around. And I am so much calmer. Thank you Dr. Prasad for this amazing new product. Kathy B.

Anxiety and stress seemed to just be a part of every day for me. Since taking Micro Daily Plus CBD my days are more often stress free and I am able to once again smell the roses in my life. Thank you brightening my day Dr. Prasad. Brenda H.

I have struggled with swelling and pain in my legs for years. Nothing helped. Since taking Micro Daily Plus CBD, my legs are normal again. I recently ran out of Micro Daily Plus CBD and the swelling and pain came back. I will never again run out of Micro Daily Plus CBD. Dr. Prasad you are my hero. Thank you for dedicating your life to finding Health answers with Science. Marci G.

I used to put a ball under my left hip when I'd sit down and it would alleviate sciatic pain.

Many of you know about 2 months ago I started drinking a rare earth micro nutrient drink that a friend recommended. I was surprised a few days later that I had no sciatic pain.

The pain has not returned over the past 60 days or so. There has now been some other things I have noticed that have changed. My flexibility and general muscle soreness and stiffness has gone. I am up and down very easily now. I can slip in and out of the car with ease.

A good portion of my former youthful self has returned. The other MAJOR change has been the cramps/spasms in my legs when I wake up in the morning are totally gone. I can stretch my legs with no Charlie horses at all.

I definitely feel a strength has returned to my body and I have sustained energy I had not had before.
Life is good! And I LOVE this delicious drink. Thanks to Donna S. for her persistence over the better part of a year to get me to try this! She has a remarkable story of her kidney's being restored from late stage failure. Her doctors were amazed. And so am I. Cheers! David S.

I suffered from severe pain in my legs for over a year. The pain was so bad that every time I tried to get in and out of bed my feet would hurt so badly that it felt like I was walking on golf balls. I couldn't even put covers over my feet at night because it would cause too much pain.

Getting around was so difficult that I became depressed. In fact I'd get up in the morning, sit in my chair and wouldn't move all day long. After 3 days of being on MMF (MicroDaily), my pain disappeared. I don't feel it a bit anymore. I have so much more energy and it feels good to be alive again. I'm a different person! Bailey M

In June 2014 after I was given a sample shortly after I completed the St. George Ironman.

I was astounded at how quickly I healed and recovered from this race. That same day that I joined engage global, I cracked my ribs while mountain biking. I assumed that my chances for completing my next Ironman race and having the ability to continue to treat patients was compromised. I was delightfully surprised when in two and a half weeks my ribs had healed completely. This was a far shorter time period then the 3 to 4 months I had expected. Being a competitive athlete I reveled in the fact that I now could recover so quickly from intense exercise. It made me feel like I had become 10 years younger. Milton C.

My son was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome when he was 6 years old. From the time he was 6 until 16 he was put on every kind of anti psychotic medication. There is no medication for Tourettes so those kind of meds were the ones they prescribed for Tourettes.

We got him into the best neurologists and pediatricians we could find in our area. They all wanted to help him, but the medications all came with horrible side effects that Kaeden just couldn’t handle any more…and neither could we, as parents. The side effects ranged from more tics, small seizures, aggressiveness, irritability, insomnia, exhaustion, anxiety, depression and weight gain.

Finally, when he was 16, my sister talked to him about what he was feeling inside because she suffers from anxiety and OCD. We discovered that he must have anxiety as well, and it had just manifested. We got him into a pediatrician who studied a lot on this disorder and she put him on Prozac. This actually worked until he left on his mission 3 years later. His body changed when he became an adult and the Prozac didn’t work like it did. On his mission, anxiety got worse and he came home.

Larry, my father in law, started selling these micronutrients and suggested we put Kaeden on them to see if it helped. One key piece is that we had taken him to another doctor when he returned home and she put him on Zoloft. This medication has a side effect of spiked anxiety and tics. His anxiety and tics were worse than ever. The anxiety feeds the Tourettes. So when the anxiety is under control, so is the Tourettes.

Larry had me talk to someone who also sold these micronutrients and he told me to start the vitamins as I weened him off of the Zoloft. It took 3 weeks to ween him off. It was awful.

However, the MMF (MicroDaily) Micronutrients made it so the process was easier and the withdrawal effects weren’t so bad. Kaeden has been taking 3 every morning and 3 every night. His anxiety is gone and his tics are so minimal that you hardly notice them at all. He is returning to his mission in 3 weeks!!

He will be taking his micronutrients with him and he never misses a dose. He knows how much his body needs them and how wonderful he feels when he takes them. These are a blessing for him and our family and we thank our Heavenly Father every day for them!

MMF (MicroDaily) has helped me increase my energy levels, helped my lower back pain and increased my overall strength. At the age of 48 I am constantly being told that I look as if I'm 34. I would recommend that everyone take this product. You never know what it could do for you. What it has done for me is absolutely life changing. Try this product yourself and experience the MMF difference! This product is incredible!!
Aswan Wainwright

MMF (MicroDaily)  has took my mother from a depressed dark place to now a shinning star, young lady at 70 years young on 11/28/2015. I can't keep her still and she looks forward to waking up, looking beautiful, taking care of her 7 year old granddaughter and enjoy going to work and it has super energized her cause her to lose weight and kick depression straight to hell where it prevails in the first place and myself as well. Engage Global and MMF is truly AWESOME!!!! Shannon

The first time I tried this product I only took it for a few day but the second time I tried it I took it for 30 days. This product helps me feel way better, less pain and works better than my prescription for ADD. I had a friend recommend it for improved eyesight but have not noticed that yet but love the less pain in my joints muscles bones along with fewer headaches. Amazing stuff. My friend said I needed to take it for three months to see improved eyesight. Love this product. Lucy

This is the best supplement/health support I've ever found in over thirty years in the holistic health field as a professional therapist. At 82 my husband and I are doing better than ever! Jean

In Dec 2012 I injured my knee, in march 2013 I had knee surgery. in that 3 month of compensating for my injured knee the rest of my body took a toll. I just kept going down hill. I was losing my strength, I couldn't stand up from sitting on the couch without help, I was fatigued, my right shoulder became so weak that I struggled to lift my arm to start my car. In Dec 2013 my wife expressed her concerns to our doctor stressing that I be tested for MS. Yes I had gotten that bad.

I started MMF (MicroDaily) and within 3 days I could feel a difference. I  wasn't feeling the fatigue. I bounced back from my night shifts. after 2 weeks of taking MMF (MicroDaily) I have gotten my strength back. no more knee pain and my shoulder is feeling considerably better. I can stand from a sitting position with no help.

I truly feel 20 yrs younger! and not to mention I have been lactose intolerant for the last 10 yrs... I enjoyed a milk shake with my wife on new years eve and a bowl of ice cream on her birthday! with no problems if you know what I mean!! MMF(MicroDaily) have changed my life! my family have noticed the changes, I have noticed the changes, THANK YOU MMF (MicroDaily)! Mark

I have taken a plethora of vitamins, and daily supplements and saw good or noticeable results.
This however showed great results, I feel great, have no stomach issues (previous problem) and just feel overall a healthier me. Side note, my sexual performance was better... not that this product is meant for that but s*** I will take it! Anonymous

I've struggled with back and sciatica nerve pain for nearly 4 years. This all started with a herniated disc in L5S1.

The pain was so bad I couldn't sit to hold my newborn. I had back surgery in Sept 2011 to cut the herniated disc. Since then, I've been diagnosed with disc degeneration disease, arthritis in my lower back, sciatica nerve damage at the L5S1 site, and now another herniated disc at L4. I've continued to experience severe pain and have had numerous steroid injections and my second bronchial nerve block (radio frequency burned nerve) on both R&L sides L2 to L5 over this past summer. Being in pain changes your world. It's sometimes hard to just get out of the house.

Since I started taking MMF (MicroDaily) for the past 3-weeks straight, I have experienced less and less pain. The inflammation in my lower back is way down so I am experiencing less of the shooting sciatica pain in both legs. My arthritis pain has also lessened. I no longer take ibuprofen (I was taking 600mg prescription 3x's a day) or Tylenol. I haven't been having headaches, have more energy, and stopped taking sleeping pills to fall asleep and get a full nights rest. I am looking forward to getting back into my active lifestyle without having to use pain meds. Brandi

I'm 80 years old. My feet hurt, my lower legs hurt, my knees crack, I couldn't get out of my rocking chair without help, my balance was shot, I had to use railings in our house to get from room to room, no energy, didn't sleep through the night, couldn't curl my toes, blood pressure 135/80, and driving any distance was painful.

I started taking MMF (MicroDaily) about 3 months ago. My feet and legs quit hurting, my knees no longer pop, I get out of the rocking chair without help, my toes now curl and my balance is back, I sleep all night long without having to go to the bathroom, my blood pressure is now 110/70, I have great energy and drive long distances to funerals, trips to see my children, go to the cabin, walk around several blocks, go grocery shopping, do laundry, overall I feel like I'm back in the age of 50! I Love this Supplement! Nolan

Cecil and I have been taking it for about year now and are very pleased. Doc said my vitamin D was low; now taking MMF (MicroDaily) and all check-ups are great! Donna

My sugar level has drop to lowest in years and I sleep and feel great!! Zelda

More energy, better sleep and overall in a better mood when taking MMF (MicroDaily). Sean

I am 77 years young and very active! Yet, I have struggled with an underactive thyroid my whole life and a lower-than-average temperature (97.2). I began taking MMF (MicroDaily) and the results I saw were amazing! My temperature is now at a consistent and normal level of 98.6. I find that I am more rested - I am able to fall asleep quickly and have a deeper sleep than ever before. I have more energy during the day and no longer need to take an afternoon nap. I have been a lot happier and I have more motivation to accomplish my every-day tasks. Thank you MMF (MicroDaily)! Barbara

After taking the supplement for only a few days I noticed a great difference in the way I feel and look. Much better than the generic or name brand multivitamins I used to take. Anonymous

This stuff has changed my life! Now I wake up with energy, ready to go and have lots of motivation throughout my day and fall asleep easier than ever before. Jason

MMF (MicroDaily) has helped me lessen the pain and inflammation of my arthritis and bring my blood sugar back under control. This stuff is great. Mike

I have been taking these micronutrients for 3 months now and I have noticed such a sense of well being,
I am sleeping better, and there is some improvement with my fibromyalgia. Such a great product.
Thank you for making the Military Micronutrient Formula available for everyone. Ralene

So I started on MMF (MicroDaily). With in 2 days I totally felt my energy change and a total mental clarity.

I have been living in a fog since 10/11/12. My husband and my self and our 3 year old Grand daughter was hit from the behind. We were total stopped at a red light and the lady did not even stop... she just plowed in to the back of our car!!! (We were in Utah for our daughters wedding) I hit my head on the T bar ( where the seat belt attaches to the vehicle) I had two seizures in my husband arms and one when the paramedics were getting me out and one in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I ended up with traumatic brain injury (TBI) And I have lost 85% of my vision field. My eyes have not come back but we have so much hope in MMF(MicroDaily) so we will see.

The major problem ( like the others are not) But when they took a cat scan (MRI) the Doctor found a mass on my pancreas and we needed to get a biopsy on it right away. So when we got back to Texas we had it done. Well weeks later we got the worse news any person could get, Pancreatic CANCER!!!!! after month's of crying and praying, we had surgery to remove the cancer and 1/3 of my pancreas. With in two month's after I was still very sick! One night I asked my husband to take me to the ER cause I thought I was having a stroke. Nope!! I found out that my sugars were 515 and my A1C was 14 ( that's really high) So I had to go on insulin therapy to get my sugar under control!!!

We found MMF (MicroDaily) and I have been on it now for 4 1/2 months and now I am off metformin and my high bad cholesterol meds off my blood pressure medicines... And the most amazing thing is my husband was waking up to my continuous glucose monitor alarming that my sugars were in the 54-65 range (very low) at about the 3 1/2 month time frame so we went to my endocrinologist and she gave us awesome news my pancreas has STARTED BACK UP AGAIN!!!
And now today I am totally off all diabetes medicine and insulin!!! I will not go another day with out it!!!

The biggest difference for me is the reduction of inflammation!! That helps relieve more than one medical condition I have... I plan on spreading the word!!... - Jessi

I started taking MMF (MicroDaily) over a month now. Since then, I'm sleeping better at night, I feel energized throughout the day and my stress levels have subsided. Overall, I just feel better! Elizabeth

I did notice a difference, I had more energy, I felt like I had more mental clarity, just over-all better!! Emily

I just started MMF (MicroDaily) about a week ago. I like to work out frequently and I suffer from incredible pain in my forearms during my workouts. Nothing has helped the pain: ice, heat, stretching, pain killers or wrapping them. After my first week on MMF (MicroDaily), I felt almost no pain at the gym. It was fantastic! Even if that was the only thing MMF (MicroDaily) did for me, that alone would be worth it. Chris

Been taking MMF (MicroDaily) for three months now. Wouldn't go without it. It has helped me in so many ways and I was pretty healthy to begin with. Lou Anne

I have been using this product MMF (MicroDaily) for 3 weeks and I can tell you it works!!! I have more energy and I sleep better. Dave

I wanted to let you know that the MMF (MicroDaily) is doing wonders for our oldest daughter who has Aspergers. She was diagnosed 3 years ago after a long 11 years of trying to determine why she was different. It has been 14 years of major melt downs over trivial things that occur on a daily basis for everyone in life. What we have been able to accomplish with MMF (MicroDaily), for us is short of miraculous. She has been taking Two Drugs now for 3 year, Strattera 80 Mg per day and Chlonadine, both of which have had negative side effects and have only lessened the meltdowns to one a day or so, rather than all day events.

MMF (MicroDaily) has allowed us to take her off of her medicine riding us of the negative side effects and we have not had a meltdown in over 3 and a half weeks. She is able to deal with not only the trivial things that used to cause issues, but she is dealing with issues that would normally cause her to go nuclear. Roy

My 58 years elbows and right knee is totally feeling better and thanks to MMF (MicroDaily). Zia

Amazing product! If you are unsure about buying, rest assured you will be happy after making the purchase!

I absolutely love this product. Shipped sooner than expected. I use it as a work out vitamin and it works better than any multi pack I have tried. Jenny

Excellent product, no reason to look elsewhere for a product like this! Must have. James

After 6 months of a therapeutic dose, I no longer have any sign of prostate cancer. Plus my cholesterol is in line! Also experience better sleep. Lee

Knee pain gone, Foot pain gone, Shaky hands gone, 10 pounds gone, laziness gone, trouble sleeping gone
and I have only been using it 1 month! Brent

I am very happy because for the first time in twelve years I can swallow my food, without having to force it down with water.
I have Achalasia and my esophagus has lost it's natural ability to move food downward, but after being on the MMF
(MicroDaily) for a little while I can see my body is healing. I also enjoy less morning sickness, less neck tension, and the pain I used to feel daily in my heart has gone away. I am very pleased. Helen

I have a great deal of energy and endurance when I take my micronutrients, and this helps me to get through the twelve hour shifts at work, and to keep going after work when I get home to the kids. Working as an RN it is very important for me to be awake and alert when I am working. When I take my micronutrients, I feel more in control during the day and a whole lot happier. Brooke

I was introduced to MMF (MicroDaily) about 2 months ago, and my life has not been the same. I am basically very healthy, with a few minor things here and there. One of my major complaints was my lower back. Every night when I'd get in bed, my lower back hurt so much that I had trouble sleeping. I also had aches in my knees. I have minor arthritis that would flare up once in awhile.

Ever since I started taking MMF (MicroDaily), my lower back pain has diminished, as has my other aches and pains. I sleep better, have more energy and am sold for life. This is the real deal and I wish everyone would listen to me. I have a much brighter future, as do my family.

My little boys allergies are gone and his asthma is so much better. He used to miss school all the time and now he's never absent. MMF (MicroDaily) enhances the immune system, which we all need, especially heading into the cold and flu season. My older son says that he thinks clearer at school and has more energy, He also sleeps better. My mother, who has Parkinson's, has more energy and her blood pressure is stabilizing. It helps all who take it and I'm eternally grateful for it. Kristi

My name is Brenden, and I'm a survivor of a fatal car accident. In May of 2002 my car was struck so hard it split in half, ejecting my friend and I over 30 feet into a nearby ditch. It left in a coma for about 3 months with a severe traumatic brain injury. I was in pain constantly, I also required multiple surgeries.

MMF (MicroDaily) has changed my life completely, the first night I took it I could sleep on my side for the first time in over 12 years. I went from drinking 4+ cups a day of coffee to 1 or 2. My energy has gone way up too, I used to require several naps a day. Now some days I don't need any. My stomach would always hurt whenever I did anything that strained it. Now the pain is gone almost completely! I would never endorse anything that I didn't know worked, I've even given it to my family. My wife who I met in rehab (she also had a traumatic brain injury) is on this too, and her quality of life has gone way up in almost every aspect. If you have any hesitation then you should just try it for 2 weeks like I did, and watch your life transform into something you never knew it could be. Brenden

I've been taking MMF (MicroDaily) for 3 months now and I cannot ever see myself not taking it. My mood and energy are greatly enhanced. My energy in the mornings is the most noticeable difference. When my alarm clock goes off I am able to get right out of bed no problem. I LOVE MMF (MicroDaily)! Sean

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