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What is MMF (MicroDaily) the Military Vitamin?

Here are just a few things MMF now MicroDaily can help YOU with:

1. Help Maximize Physical Performance
2. Boost Mental Clarity
3. Maximize Immune Function
4. Boost Recovery
5. Help Alleviate Signs of Aging
6. Boost Energy & Better Sleep

        The MMF (MicroDaily) Advantage

SCIENCE - The antioxidant micronutrient science behind MMF has been proven in 14 clinical trials and seven patents that clearly show the efficacy of MMF.

MMF was based around a scientific breakthrough called The CQF Standard - Combination, Quantity and Form. By having the right combination of antioxidant micronutrients in the proper quantities using the specific natural biologic iso-forms, MMF unlocks the body's full potential by maximizing absorption and delivering maximum results.

SMART PILL - The unique CQF approach delivers a smart pill that starts with absorption and ultimately provides protection for the fragile double strand cornerstone of human life known as DNA.

MMF is a body-defense nutraceutical that was designed to work intelligently with the needs of your individual immune system.

MMF leverages the power of a patent-protected antioxidant micronutrient formula to specifically support biologic processes that reduce oxidative stress, reduce inflammation,
and repair and protect DNA.

MMF was originally developed for military use, not the consumer market.

It is now available to you exclusively through Engage Global Independent Members. MMF has been proven in clinical trials, in a lab, and in life.

Dr. Prasad is not about pseudoscience and half truths.

Dr. Prasad is the science - He has published 26 books and over 250 peer reviewed scientific articles.

World's First Radiation Biologist
Discovered the anti-cancer potency of Vitamin E Succinate
Member of the Nobel Prize nominating committee for medicine
President of the International Society of Nutrition and Cancer
Member, British Royal Academy of Medicine
Full Professor, Univ. of Colorado Medical School for 30+ years

Learn More of Dr. Prasad- Clinicals and Patents

MicroDaily The Most Validated Supplement Ever

Here is how Dr. Prasad worked with the US Military to validate Micro Daily
The toughest skeptics (US Military, NASA and others) were hard to please, but Dr. Kedar Prasad PhD did it.

Dr. Prasad is not about pseudoscience and half-truths. Health fads make his eyes roll. So in 2001, when the US Military wanted something simple, effective, and backed by real science that could protect our servicemen from the inside out and enhance their physical endurance, they didn't just take Dr. Prasad's word for it.

Boot Camp is easy compared to what the US Military demanded of Dr.Prasad. Six years, $24+ million and 14 successful clinical studies were what it took before Dr. Prasad satisfied the Generals and skeptics that his products could deliver. Because of this rigorous validation process, you can trust that Micro Daily will deliver the results that you are counting on to feel your very best.

The name of the product that Dr. Prasad validated with the US Military was Military Micronutrient Formulation. It is now called Micro Daily and available for everyone.

Dr. Prasad believes that only the best will do not only for our servicemen and women but also for you and the ones you love.

Dr. Prasad’s products contain all natural ingredients of the highest quality and every batch is tested to verify that our products contain exactly what Dr. Prasad has formulated them to contain.

CQF - The Dr. Prasad Difference

We all care so much about what we put in and on our bodies, but when it comes to vitamins, we still rely on blind faith - do you know who formulated your vitamins?
Too often, companies hide who formulated their products. They make their process and formulations intentionally confusing to keep their customers from knowing what's really going on. Dr. Prasad has formulated with no unnecessary ingredients and with micronutrients in their best, highest quality and most absorbable forms.

Dr. Prasad's secret to formulating great products is called CQF. This standard was developed over his 40+ years of meticulous research. When you see Dr. Prasad's CQF seal, you can rest assured that the product is formulated with the Right Combination, the Right Quantity and the Right Form of ingredients that will deliver life changing results.

C = The Right Combination - Maximum Micronutrient Synergy

Q = The Right Quantity - Maximum Micronutrient Effectiveness

F = The Right Form - Maximum Micronutrient Absorption

Created by the World's foremost expert who wouldn't settle for less than the best.

Dr. Prasad's Three Rules for Excellence

Rule #1 - Never Compromise Safety
Example: Micro Daily does not combine Vitamin C with Copper, Manganese and Iron in the same capsule. Scientists have known for many years that combining these ingredients causes a chemical reaction that creates free radicals and free radicals are the enemies of our health.

Rule #2 - Never Compromise Quality
Example: We only use natural Vitamin E and beta-carotene, because synthetic just doesn't cut it with Dr. Prasad. Yes, these are more expensive ingredients but when it comes to your health Dr. Prasad will never cut corners.

Rule #3 - Never Compromise Effectiveness
Example: Our calcium ascorbate is buffered because it is better absorbed. It is also less likely to cause an upset stomach whereas the lower quality ascorbic acid does.

As the World's first Radiation Biologist, I committed myself to serving humankind by finding natural solutions to the existential threats that radiation and dangerous viruses pose to global human health. My entire career has been dedicated to understanding human health at the cellular level. My discoveries about micronutrients have expanded human knowledge about how to best protect and help our bodies recover from the dangerous external and internal threats that are attacking us everyday.

At 85 years old, I am a living example of the optimal health benefits you can experience from my products. Today, I am as excited and energetic as I was when I graduated with my PhD in 1963.
My immune system is strong and I just don't get sick with the cold and flu like so many others who are my age.

In my lifetime effort to develop the perfect supplements, I analyzed countless formulations. What I discovered was that most supplements are formulated to satisfy a marketing slogan.

For example, many of the popular marketing slogans such as A-Z and One a Day are just bad ideas.

The truth is there are ingredients from A-Z that our body just doesn't need or that are not good for our bodies. Also, once a day supplementation is just not good enough. Through my research I validated that twice a day is much more beneficial than once per day.

After decades of searching, I found many products with questionable ingredients and I never could find a brand that I trusted, so when the military called me in 2001, I knew it was time to scientifically validate a product that I could consider the perfect supplement and personally stand behind. After $24+ million invested, 14 clinical studies and six years of effort, I am proud to say that Micro Daily is the most scientifically validated supplement available today.

Today, I invite you to try my highly effective products and personally experience their power to enhance your health.

Welcome to your new daily ritual - Micro Daily.

Dr. Kedar Prasad, PhD

 Products What is MMF? Ingredients Testimonies Clinicals/Patents  Opportunity Order Options
Rachaya June Mathews - 503-740-2997 - ID#: 278088 - Company Site

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